Friday, 17 August 2007

What's on the agenda today.......

Well what's on for today? This morning I am helping to count the money taken for our book fair at school. It was a huge success. We normally go through the Scholastic group however this time the library teacher was approached by a different connection which paid off well I think. Most of the books were under $10.00 which meant for a lot of families that they could afford to buy more than 1 as the Scholastic books can be anywhere up to $50.00 sometimes.

Then we are off for a catch up coffee with some of the mum's from school. Home to do some sort of housework I suppose and then make some sort of sweet to take to an International Dinner we have in our parish tonight.
It should be a fun night. We are going to be tasting Philippine, Italian, SriLankin and Indian cuisine followed by Aussie desserts.....LOL. Should be a fun filled and very tasty night.

Tonight is the start also of the Clayton's Retreat to be held at Little Scrapbook Shop. So if you get a chance pop on in and see what we are going to get up to......should be lots of fun and it goes all weekend.

Have a fab day everyone.

Luv Sandie


kayla renee macaulay said...

that international dinner sounds divine. how cool would that be. Out of 'international' foods indian and french are my favourites.
You are making me hungry. lol!


Sandie said...

Gidday Kayla, it was a fab night.
The SriLankin was pretty hot but nice, the Philippino was really great, didn't have the Italian becuase they loaded my plate up too much before I even reached there. Sweets - well there were stacks of them - I was pretty good and had about a tablespoon of chocolate mousse and a small scoop of bread and butter pudding.
All in all it was a fab night.
Met some new people and had fun.