Wednesday, 22 October 2008

What have you all been up to

Well you all know what I've been up to with this fete - its only 4 more sleeps - or lack of sleeps probably............LOL.
It's amazing how much work goes into just one day - its like organizing a wedding. We have been working on things since November 07 so nearly a year. Amazing!!!! Wish I was getting paid for the hours I've put in...............LOL.

Tell me what's new at your place. I will try and drop into everyone's blog next week when I am winding down and relaxing.

Luv Sandie

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Tamara said...

I've been busy with work lately so have not had that much time to create. I have all of my extra sketches sitting on my desk waiting to be done! I did manage to finish assembling 12 christmas cards's only taken about five days from start to finish LOL....and they are all identical!

I remember the fete days - my Mum was involved with them for a few years and I helped her where I could. They are a LOT of work so I take my hat off to you!