Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Just popping in quickly.................

.................I have been flat out with Fete stuff again today. I was at school all day except 30 mins to pop home for something to eat and then back to school again. Getting there now. Marking off things on my list and then making another list...........you know how it is!!!!!!

Just wanted to say what a lovely time I had yesterday with Melissa Frances. I was so honoured to be able to go and meet her. Her story is truly amazing. She opened the day with a brief story about her battle with breast cancer. It was a real eye opener to all of us in the room. She is one tough lady. Great story. If you get a chance you can read more on her blog.

I was lucky enough to go along for the day with the lovely and talented Marie and Nicole from Said Simply. We had a bit of a giggle, a bit of a panic attack for me when I had to measure.............LOL.................I dont like to measure especially in inches.............blah!!! Luckily Nicole helped me out there before I had kittens...........LOL.

We were also lucky enough to get some photos of us girlies. What a great photo of Melissa. (Thanks for the photos Marie)

I will treasure this day forever.

Luv Sandie
(P.S. Gosh looking at these photos I think I will use this as my "before" shot on my journey to losing weight - since organizing this fete I have piled on some weight - so I think its time for the new me)


Renee Lamb said...

ooh, how fun that you got to meet some fabulous ladies! I agree that Melissa's story is amazing and inspirational. What an honor it would be to meet her. You're lucky.Love the photos! And congrats on the 10,000 hits! not surprised that everyone pops in to see your wonderful work! you're an inspiration girl! rock on! love ya and miss ya! ♥

Vicky said...

Lucky you, sounds like you had heaps of fun :) Sorry I missed you at Paperific this year, maybe we`ll get to catch up next year...Hugs from V

Petrina McDonald said...

lucky you!! And you all just look gorgeous there. Good luck with the fete :)

Sandie said...

Thanks everyone. Counting down to the Fete now - only 4 more sleeps.........well lack of sleeps I should say.........LOL