Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Anyone going to Paperific this Friday?????

Let me know if you're going this Friday and I can meet you there.

Luv Sandie

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Sandie said...

Well I'm back from Paperific. A little tired and worn out but happy that i went. Gosh its a long way out to the racecourse. I took off this morning withe my friend Louise. We have just over an hour on the train and nearly 30 mins on the tram. Bit tiring.
Saw stacks of things that I NEEDED but in the end got some clear HeroArt Stamps which I was having to make deals with myself - do you NEED them - of course you do!!!!! LOL.
Caught up with Lyn while we were there - great to see you Lyn.
Home to pick up the kids and kick the old shoes off. Nice feeling.
Didn't like the venue - too hot, too small. When will they get it right?
Dropped off my work for Nicole at Craft Queen and some cards for Allison Ellis Designs.
Luv Sandie