Monday, 27 October 2008

WHAT A DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for those of you who have been following my blow by blow on our School Fete - I have appreciated the words of encouragement.

Well yesterday was the big day - after 11 months in the making our Fete took place. The weather forecast all last week said 22 degrees and showers - that was up til Saturday where they said 31 degrees and late showers. Holy Cow!!!! What a turn around.

The weather turned out to be fantastic. A little overcast, fairly warm with a sprinkling of the minutest of showers - blink and you would miss it type stuff.

I was so organized - up til I got to the school - I had people asking me questions left, right and centre - however everthing fell into place nicely. After months of asking for help everyone pooled together on the day for a huge success. We out did ourselves and made a HUGE profit.
The community spirit displayed was excellent - the kids rides were the biggest drawcard, the food was beautiful, plenty of different stalls - lots for the whole family.

So you could say I'm done today. Just really enjoying the peace and quiet and not "having" to do anything. It was really weird this morning - I went shopping for the first time in a long time and I didn't have to price anything - I was shopping just for me!!!!! It's funny you dont realize how much of your time and mind these things consume. All very worth it though. Everyone was on a high yesterday - it was a hoot!!!!! I can honestly say I would not organize another fete though - happy to help but not to be in control and have the responsibility of the whole thing.

So there you go - a great, fun day!!!!!

Luv Sandie

(P.S Ooooh I almost forgot to share - The Parish Priest is putting on a "High Tea" as a thank you tomorrow morning. I cannot wait - look out cake here I come!!!!!!)


smauge said...

It'll probably take a while to come down from that now! Glad it all went well!

Sandie said...

Thanks Smauge.

Luv Sandie

Vicky said...

& a well deserved cake it will be too LOL. Well done on the organising, it sounds like it all went extremely well.

Tamara said...

Congrats on it going off with a bang!

Wirg's Creative World said...

Sandie my darling friend, I knew it would be a great success. I'm so glad for you and the parish. Now you have to promise to take it easy and look after yourself, okay!
Enjoy the tea and breath girl, breath!
Love ya heaps,
Wirgie x x x

Leah said...

Well done! enjoy the high tea!

Lyn S said...

I'm glad it all went well for everyone concerned make sure you take a well-earned rest now won't you!