Thursday, 15 May 2008

Yesterday's local paper

One of the mum's at school mentioned if I had bought the local paper. I hadn't but she said there was a little write up about Josh's football team. So I duck into the supermarket on the way home to quickly skim through the newspaper to find the sports page. There in amongst everything else was the mention of Josh's first goal. He was with me and I showed him - such a proud little face was looking back at me.........another priceless moment and of course - another scrapping moment too no doubt!!!! He will have to start his own scrapbook I reckon.

Just had to share.

Luv Sandie


Lynn said...

congrats on his goal!!! that rocks!

Renee said...

hey that's so cool! It means so much more when you see it in print! congrats to Josh!! how exciting!

fleurie said...

ohhh how exciting
congrats josh