Thursday, 8 May 2008

Aha..........nearly forgot to tell ya

It has only taken us THREE weeks to catch that sneaky, rotten mouse!!!!!
Sean and the kids got up for breakfast this morning and whadya bango!!!!! The mouse walked right into the little trap door type of trap, which meant Sean had to kill it then........better him than me. As much as I dont like mice and want to get rid of them........I still couldn't kill them. Then just before I took the kids to school I came out to the puter to type something up, went to sit on my computer chair and there was another mouse in the trap.
Gosh...........I was convinced there was only one.........lucky catch and definately worth waiting for 3 weeks to catch the dirty little rascals.

Luv Sandie


Deanne Stewart-Mills said...

yay sandie! glad they are finally gone (unless there are more!)

Cindy said...

There's never only one Sandie !! If you find a hole where they can get it, plug it will steel wool, they won't chew that. In one of my old houses the mice used to get in through the hole where the gas pipe came into the house and into the stove.

Renee said...

wa-hoo! good riddance to the pests! I am the same though...don't like to kill them but sure am glad to see them gone! hopefully that's all!