Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Yesterday was Sean's Birthday

Sean had a great day on his birthday yesterday. His mum and dad shouted us lunch at LaPorchetta which was really yummy.
Later in the afternoon I dropped into George & Medina to check on little Stephen. He wasn't very well at all. Very snuffly and coughing. I gave them some advice about what to do if he gets upset in the night. We gave him some baby Panadol, cooled him down a bit and he started to pick up a little.
I dropped in to visit them this afternoon and was very pleased to see him sitting up and smiling that beautiful smile again. Medina mentioned that he slept all night. Fantastic. They were relieved. It's not nice to see your kids when they're not well.

Anyway, getting back to yesterday. Sean's brother and sister-in-law also stayed last night. So we had a nice dinner together with them and Sean's mum and dad. It was really great that Sean could have his family around for his birthday as its normally just our little family.

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