Friday, 2 May 2008

Fruit N Veg At School Today

Well we had a full on few hours at school today. There was a dozen mum's cutting and slicing away. All the fruit/veg was donated by one of the top Melbourne Markets. How generous.
It's all a part of trying to educate the kids on eating healthy. They got to try all the fruits - bananas, oranges, mandarines, pears, apples and then some vegies - carrots, celery, capsicum, mushrooms, tomatoes (well technically a fruit) mung beans, bean sprouts, avacados........heaps of stuff...........amazing. Most of the kids at least tried things which was excellent. The ladies that run the program were excellent and have been doing this sort of thing for over the last 13 years.
It was funny because there was a certain way we had to cut everything but it really did work in the end.

So "Go Health" today.............luv Sandie

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Cindy said...

What a great idea ! YUM