Tuesday, 20 May 2008


Last year I was very lucky to win a competition at Crafting In Style. My prize was to have a layout scrapped by the very talented Tash Allen. How cool!!!!!!!!

So by the time I got around to chosing a photo - a looooooooooooooong time, Tash was expecting her second baby - even more exciting. So it has taken a long time (not on Tash's behalf) to have this gorgeous layout returned to me.
The pizza box arrived at the door and this is what I found when I opened it up.

I was just standing there looking at it. Thank you so, so much Tash. Its simply stunning!!!!! I absolutely love, love, love the colours you have chosen. They are so regal looking. I just love everything and I cant wait to have it framed and have on display.

If you get a chance do yourself a favour and pop on over to Tash's blog and check out her creations - they are all fantastic and very inspiring.

Thanks again Tash............luv ya Sandie
(P.S. I almost forgot this is a photo that I took of Em and I after Em's Confirmation this time last year..........I loved the photo as it was just won of those spur of the moment ones - I just held out the camera and snapped it. Oh and I also have to add some journalling to it too.)

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Tash Allen said...

so glad that you love it! enjoy :)