Thursday, 1 May 2008

My day

I dropped the kids off this morning and then headed off to the local shopping centre to see if I could pick up a present for Sean. It's his birthday on Monday..............gosh..............I walked my little legs off. I had something in mind but didn't have much luck. I checked out a few other things that I am thinking over. There is one more place I can look at but it will have to wait til Saturday. I am going to the Picture 2 Page show so after that is finished I shall take the kids with me and see if we can find what I was looking for. (I cant mention what it is as Sean drops in here every now and then to see what I have been up to.....LOL).

Had my weigh in at STARS tonight - put on weight this week but I was expecting it. Not too worried I can get that off this week.

We have "Walk To School Day" tomorrow so that will be a good start to my week. I am walking with the kids to school and then helping out in Em's classroom. It has been Fruit 'n Veg week at school. Something is happening tomorrow - not quite sure just yet but I need to bring a knife and a vege peeler.............should be cool.

I have been saying all week that I must create something.............I am missing it terribly. So I shall have to make time somewhere.

Hope you have had a great day.

Luv Sandie


Shan said...

Hey Sandie, I noticed your name over at Kim Archers Mothers Day classes....How cool are those projects!!! Have you checked out who todays winners are??? ;) xoxox

Wirginia said...

Hi Sandie, Hope you can find that special something for Sean.
I know what you mean about going without creating something for a while. Makes it all the more special and fun when you finally get back into it.
big hugs