Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Transition Day

Em and Tam had their Transition Day at their Secondary College for next year.
I dropped them off at 8.45 this morning and picked them up at 12 o'clock. They came out smiling so that's gotta be good!!!!
I think I was more nervous and anxious than they were. It was a huge decision to make to change them over to this school. We originally had them booked into another school close by but decided it wasn't quite right - so we went with our gut feeling. I filled in time walking around the shops and stopped to have a much needed cuppa. I found some treasures in the op-shops and then it was time to pick them up. They had 3 lessons - English, Maths and Geography - Geography being interesting - so they tell me. Sounds like the teachers were nice and showed them some "magic tricks"...........all in all a good day.

Came home to one thing after the other thing going wrong - minor things on reflection but at the time - huge!!!!!
Sean overfilled the coffee maker with water so the bench needed everything cleared, wiped down and all put back. Josh decided he would help with the cooking and opened the bottle of cream - half of it ended up on the floor...........arghhhhhhhhh and then just in the middle of me cooking tea one of the kids found a trail of ants going half way around my kitchen...........nooooooooooooooooooooo....................not now!!!!!! So big clean ups all round.
I'm done now. I have created my Day 2 card - shall take a photo in the morn when the light is better.

Hope all is well in your part of the world.

Luv Sandie


Renee Lamb said...

Glad to hear the kiddos are liking the school. Sure does make it easier for you to know you made the right choice. And sorry to hear about the mishaps. Sucks to have one of those days and it just seems when one thing goes wrong - it all does! They say when it rains it pours but hopefully it's all out of the system now and you're having a much better day! big hugs! xxxx

Sandie said...

Thanks Renee, yep today is definately a better day.

Luv Sandie