Sunday, 16 November 2008

Come and join in "12 Days Of Christmas"

Starting tomorrow, I will be counting down "12 Days of Christmas". Come and join me as I create a new card every day for 12 days in the lead up to the end of November.
I am going to create a Christmas card with a different theme each day.
I will post the new theme each day.

Day 1 starts tomorrow so if you would like to join in just let me know.

If you complete all 12 cards there will be a little Christmas Pressie at the end of the 12 days. It would be good to see your creations at the end of each day however if at some stage you fall behind that is ok. I will allow a couple of extra days at the end of the 12 days for you to catch up and to be eligible to enter for the prize.

So see you tomorrow.

Luv Sandie


Anonymous said...

For goodness sake woman slow down how can the rest of the world kepp up with you.. what ever drugs you are on please let us know..
Marie warragul

natty said...

Sounds fun! If I ever manage to work out how to make a card again this month it'll be a miracle - feel like I've let the cardmaking slide recently. :o( And yet the stash mountain grows! LOL

At least I am almost half way with Card a Day 2008 - ha at this rate I should call it "A Card Every Other Day in 2008"! I hope to be finished by January 1st, but I may just be fooling myself.

Sandie said...

Come on can do it!!!!

Good to hear from you Natty.

I have every confidence that you can come up with something great.

Luv Sandie

Vicky said...

I`m with`re making the rest of us look bad LOL. I`ll try to join if I can, but have to finish a couple of things first, but thanks for the invite :)