Sunday, 23 November 2008

DONT GOTTA WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

.......................this morning at breakfast I declared to our little family that this weekend is called
"DON'T GOTTA WEEKEND". For such a long time we have always had something on over the weekend. We are very pleased to say that this weekend has been "just do what you wanna!!!" LOL. The kids are in the kitchen busily making cupcakes, Sean is reading his papers and I'm just sittin, chillin and reading blogs and creating. So we are one happy family.

How is your weekend going? What are you up to? I would love to know.

Luv Sandie


smauge said...

I love don't gotta weekends. We call them Jarmie days in this house. Mika loves having jarmie days with his Mumma!

Anonymous said...

marion said.......
What a great idea for a weekend...mine has been very busy...have my Mum with us atm and the rest of my family came for lunch after church this morning....they have just left so we are having a quiet spell amazing how much noise departs when 4 adults and a 3 week old go home.......we had a lovely lunch and took a family photo while we had the chance...the trusty tripod was called into play with my old slr will have to wait to see the shot tho it was a new film......
My Mum and I had a pj day on Thursday we had breaky and then watched Andre Rieu's Melb concert on Main Event so didn't get dressed till after 2pm.......
Hope you enjoyed your easy weekend!

Allison said...

I NEED a 'don't gotta weekend'!
There seems to be something on all the time lately, and no end in sight.

But it's good to know they still exist :)

Sandie said...

Thanks for popping in girlies.
Yep we luv jarmie days too Smauge.

Sounds like you had stacks of fun Marion - good for you.

Thanks for popping in too Allison - great of you to visit.

Luv Sandie