Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Drama, Drama, Drama

Well I had great intentions of doing lots of things today - although instead I ended up at school.
The girls in the office rang me to say that Josh had cut his finger. Poor kid. He was helping one of his classmates to open a mini tin of corn for morning play lunch. Oooopsie and ouchie wowow!!!! His finger slipped and he had a nasty gash across the top of his "rude" finger....LOL.
So off I go to school - straight to the sick bay. Fortunately he still had good colour - I was expecting him to be quite pale. I had a quick look and thought "best get him off to the doctors". So we zip down to the local clinic, doctor takes a look - "yep you will need stitches". Josh looked a little shocked at first, doctor gave him a lolly and off we went. Poor Josh is normally quite tough but the doc had to give him a needle to numb his finger - directly into the finger - I was covering Josh's eyes - maybe I should have done the same........LOL. He whimpered a little - it must have killed though. 2 Stithces later and he was all stitched up and ready to go.

He's been just kicking back watching tv for a while - it will get a little sore soon as soon as the needle wears off so he's making the most of the rest. Don't know how he'll go writing at school tomorrow - its his right hand of course - he should be ablt to "make do" I think - I will need to explain to the teacher.

Well that's it - that's enough for today.

Luv Sandie


Deanne Stewart-Mills said...

oh dear, poor Josh!!! Hope it doesn't hurt too much. Its gonna start throbbing soon, poor baby.


Vicky said...

OUCH!!! Remember you can "ice" it, & use Panadol...Poor kid, I hope it heals soon :)

Tara said...

oooh, ouchies, ouchies... i'm gritting my teeth just thinking of it.

Sandie said...

Oh thanks girlies. I shall remember the ice thanks Vicky and the Panadol.

He seems ok so far - showing it off to his sisters.

Luv Sandie

Anonymous said...

Ouchhh!!! I think tin cuts come under the section of paper cuts ... Hurts like a B#@%^ lol. Hope it doesn't hurt toooo much & yes, definitely agree with the ice. Josh sounds very brave!!!!

Sandie said...

Yeah he is brave Bex. He has gone off to bed without any probs at all.
He's a tough little guy and still has that gorgeous smile of his.

Luv Sandie

KimmyS said...

Oh gawd - needle in finger is not good. I would have screamed my head off. Poor Josh!!!!