Wednesday, 19 November 2008

On The 3rd Day of Christmas

Ok for today's card challenge I would like to see 3 Christmas Trees - tall or thin, big or small the choice is up to you.

Your time starts..........................NOW!!!!!!!

Happy Creating!

Luv Sandie

(P.S. Dont forget you can play catch-up whenever you like. You can still create days 1 and 2 and leave a comment to those posts and I will cut and paste your creation to the appropriate days challenge. There is a prize at the end for anyone who completes all challenges - I will allow a few extra days at the end of the challenge to allow for everyone to catch up)


Lyn S said...

Hi Sandie, I played catch-up today! Challenge 2 and 3 cards are both in this blog post

Nina said...

hey sandie,

great challenge you have going atm...i would play too, if i had the time!!!!


Sandie said...

Thanks Lyn, shall cut and paste soon...........oh that's a shame Nina. You can always play catch up at some time.

Thanks for popping in.

Luv Sandie

Leesa said...

Card three done, on to today's now!!

Sandie said...

Well done Leesa.