Monday, 5 January 2009

Very productive day today

Today has been a very productive day. The kids and I started off the day by cutting down quite a large branch from one of our trees down the side fence. One of the branches had actually died so it was time to go - it is green waste rubbish collection tomorrow so it was a matter of getting it done. The kids were a great help - I was on the hand saw and they were getting ready to see which way it was going to fall and then helped to chop it up and put it in the bin.
We then stopped for a morning tea break and then got stuck into scraping off paint from the pillars on the front verandah. They have been peeling (or should I say - everyone has been having a pick at them to see who can get the biggest piece of paint off....LOL) for sometime now and its been on the "gunna" list for a while. So we all got stuck into it with some paint scrapers and later on some sanding blocks and the electric sander came in handy for the last minute bits.
So tomorrow is a matter of wiping them down and getting stuck into the undercoat. The kids are keen to help with painting - but I reckon I shall have to see how I am tomorrow as to whether I want to take that on.......LOL. The weather is supposed to be 30 degrees tomorrow, so I'm thinking I will get up early and start painting to get the first coat on. Sounds good in theory anyway!!!!

Luv Sandie


Aga said...

Hi Sandie and Happy New Year!!
Sure sounds like a very productive day indeed.... and I feel slightly guilty because I too have a long list of things to get done but haven't started on any of them ;)
Aga xx

Sandie said...

Thanks Aga, just chip away at the jobs. I tend to be put off if I think about how long the list is - one thing at a time. You'll be right!!!!

Luv Sandie