Friday, 2 January 2009

Swap Challenge

As per this post

I am hosting a Journalling Stamp Swap. All you need to do is let me know if you'd like to join in the fun.

The list so far is as follows

1. Sandie
2. Pepper - (Rachel)
3. Steph
4. Vicky
5. Leesa
6. Nicole (Craft Queen)
7. Lyn S
8. Aga (Agnus)
9. Anita

Once the Swap is closed I will let you know how many journal stamps you will need to stamp out. It can be on a paper/cardstock of your choice. Once they are ready you will forward all stamped images to me. I will then mix and match from everyone elses images and then forward a set to you. Then the fun will begin - we are going to create something using these journalling images - its gunna be fun!!! I will let you know further details about this.

Don't be shy - just leave a comment - overseas girlies welcome too.

Looking forward to it.

Luv Sandie


Lyn S said...

Hi Sandie, Happy New Year to you!

OK, I'm in with this!

Sandie said...

Good on ya Lyn. As the TV show says "you're on the list!!!!!"

Nice to have you on board.

Luv Sandie

Aga said...

I'd love to sign up too Sandie :)
Aga xx

Sandie said...

Great - thanks Aga.

You're on the list!!!!!

Luv Sandie

Anonymous said...

Hi Sandie! Thanks for stopping by my blog this week. Happy New Year to you Luv! Can I join in the journaling spot swap please? Ta! Love

Sandie said...

Gidday Anita, you sure can my friend. I shall send you an email.

Cool as.

Luv Sandie