Monday, 12 January 2009

New mattress

Well to some it may not sound too exciting - but for one old chook who has been waking up stiff and sore its mighty exciting!!!! Tomorrow a new mattress is being delivered to our home. I cannot wait. We have had our mattress way too long and now it's a matter of out with the old and in with the new. We went shopping for one on the weekend and said "lock it in"
So yesterday I was having a bit of a spring clean in our bedroom - much needed dusting and de-cluttering was taking place - I was peeoooooped by the time I'd finished but that's one job to tick of the list.
Today I am going op-shopping in the hope of chasing up another couple of the girls school text books - I'm feeling lucky - so fingers crossed we will stumble across one or two.
Josh is off to his mates place - oh and the unicycling is coming along nicely - getting a little further each time. He really is enjoying it!!!!!
What have you been up to?

Have a beaut day.

Luv Sandie

1 comment:

Sandie said...

I've gotta say that the new mattress is divine.
Each time we lay down at night - we say "arghhhhhhhhhhhh - how nice is that"........LOL.
Well worth the wait and my hips haven't been aching - yay!!!!

Luv Sandie