Thursday, 15 January 2009

Updated list

Just popping this list up of the Journal Stamps that I have received in the mail. Thanks girlies for your prompt reply and also for the little goodies you sent me - they are gorgeous. I may use them on the next part of the challenge!!!!!

1. Sandie - yep
2. Pepper - (Rachel) - received thanks Pepper
3. Steph ????
4. Vicky - received thanks Vicky
5. Leesa - received thanks Leesa
6. Nicole (Craft Queen) - received thanks Nicole.
7. Lyn S - received thanks Lyn (and for the extras)
8. Aga (Agnus) - received thanks Aga
9. Anita - received thanks Anita.
10. Smauge ????
11. Leah - received good on ya Leah

Keep em coming.

Luv Sandie

(P.S. Hey girlies you should see how many images Nicole from Craft Queen sent through - she has enough for her own little SWAP. Fantastic Nicole. You are all gunna luv em!!!!!)


Aga said...

Eeek.... better get a move on with mine!
I'm a bit concerned that my journal stamps are pretty plain - is that going to be ok?

Sandie said...

That is going to be fine Aga. I received some gorgeous ones from Vicky and she has used a stamp and then added another to jazz it up.

Don't stress too much though - its what we're going to do with them that matters.

Luv Sandie

Leesa said...

Ohh I can't wait to see what we are going to have to do. You have me on edge Sandie LOL.