Monday, 26 January 2009

Happy Australia Day

Happy Australia Day everyone. Hope you have had a great day!!!!
We headed into Melbourne to enjoy all the fun. The day started with a train trip into Flinders Street followed by a fantastic street parade - very multi-cultural. It was so great to see so many different countries represented and all flying the Australian Flag. At 11.30 the RAAF jets flew over - the roar was amazing - I was covered in goosebumps.

Then we walked to the Kings Domain and Alexandra Gardens where there were lots and lots of different hands-on stuff for the kids to do. Most of the activities were FREE which was fantastic. The kids loved it.
I will have some photos to share tomorrow hopefully.
But for now I will just leave you with a couple of photos. And being the true Aussie that I am I had some good old Vegimite today. I would be lost without this stuff - I reckon its running through my veins. LOL!!!!
Luv Sandie

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