Thursday, 15 January 2009

Some Layouts and A Card using my Handmade Daisies by Sandie

I have to share these goodies with you. Some time ago now Carol made some layouts using my Daisies and just recently Nicole from Craft Queen created this card. I am thrilled how they turned out and thank you girlies very much for sharing your creations with me.
Luv Sandie


Aga said...

Gorgeous Sandie!! and it's so nice to see you do layouts :)

Sandie said...

Sorry Aga, wish I could say they were mine - they are by Carol.

I am thinking about getting into SOME layouts though. I went a bit nuts with them for a while and backed right off.

Luv Sandie

Aga said...

Ooops - jsut went back and raed it properly... think it was yout tile that had made me think they were yours - they are gorgeous none the less, and would love to see YOU do dome too ;)

Aga xx