Saturday, 7 March 2009

Wow - what a day!!!!!!!

What an awesome day I've had today. It has been jam packed since the early hours of this morning.
I had a cuppa in bed and received my birthday cards from Sean and the kids - they always bring a tear to my eye.
Then we all had breakfast together and then it was full on.

We had a bbq lunch with my family which was lots of fun - lots of great yummy food too. There is so much food left over I reckon we'll be eating it for a few days - hey you've gotta luv no cooking though!!!!!!

Then we had the - "PIE FIGHT". It was unreal. The kids and I all lined up and threw a pie in the face at each other - lots of giggles, squeals and laughing. I cannot belive the day finally arrived and I got my wish of having a pie fight. Sean filmed the whole thing so I shall have a look and upload something tomorrow. This little black duck is a little pooped with trying to cut and paste right now.

After the pie fight we cleaned up - firstly we all stood in a row and Sean hosed us off which was a big shocker - the water was freezing but we couldn't walk inside dripping with cream........LOL.

We all had showers and then another friend popped in with a beautiful sponge with stawberries and cream. How nice!!! I gotta tell you I have been very spoilt. Very lucky girl!!!!!

Off to mass - Sean read at mass tonight and got up at the end of mass and everyone sang happy birthday to embarassing. They wanted me to stand up but I was happy sitting in my seat trying to keep cool - the blood rushed to my head all of a sudden!!!!! LOL.

Then after mass, Sean's mum and dad looked after the kids while Sean and I went to a beautiful Italian Restaurant. The meal was absolutely divine. We also had a nice drinkies.
We were planning earlier in the day to go to the cinema but the session times were hopeless so we took our time instead to enjoy our dinner/date.

All in all a very memorable birthday.

Thank you to all of my on-line buddies who left me a comment in the last post - I really appreciate it.

Well this little black "old" duck is off to bed very soon.

Luv ya...................Sandie


Nicole said...

Happy birthday Sandie - glad you had a fab day!

Wirg's Creative World said...

Oh Sandie, can't wait to see some photos! Glad it was such a spesh fun day, oh that pie fight sounded a hoot!! Gee you made me laugh about making yourself that card, it's gorgeous too!
I've been asleep most of the afternoon after I got home from work. Been very under the weather today, just watched a great concert on SBS though, Rockwiz, love that show, off to bed now, but I promise, I'll be phoning you during the week my friend.
love ya heaps,
Wirgie x x x x

xoxAlyssaxox said...

WOW hun sounds like you have an awesome day.. How COOL a pie fight what a great idea lol. again HAPPY BIRTHDAY.. sweet dreams xx

Petrina McDonald said...

what a fantastic way to spend your birthday - the pie fight sounds unreal!! I hope you are going to put it on youtube for us all to see! I loved your card to yourself - I hope you liked it LOL!
Love P

Sandie said...

Thanks girlies. I still can't believe the day I had. I keep smiling every time I think of the pie fight. We watched the video this morning and we giggled all over again. You should hear Tammy on the video - its just a scream listening to her cackle and I mean cackle. Hilarious!!!!! Such a great memory to treasure forever.

Thanks again for popping in - I love you all.

Hope your day improves today Wirg and I will look forward to our little chat.

Luv ya.


(P.S. Dont think I'll be putting the video on You Tube Wirg - especially at the end it shows me taking my pants off..........LOL)

scrapbook CAPITAL said...

Happy 40th Birthday Sandie (sorry my wishes are late.... should have read your blog earlier). A pie fight sounds like heaps of fun, cant wait to see pic's of it all. Sounds like you have had the perfect day.... you so deserve it... Sending you big hugs and kisses for your birthday

Sandie said...

Thanks Lorrie. Yep definately had a ball.

Hope to catch up soon.

Luv Sandie