Thursday, 19 March 2009


Today I got to witness one of Gods miracles - I helped deliver Medina's second baby into the world. I can't believe that 18months ago I witnessed my first birth and then again today.
I am so blessed.

I got the phone call on my mobile phone at 2am - it was Medina "Sandie the baby is coming"
I haven't moved so fast in a long time - the funny part was that I had just been lying in bed since 1am contemplating if I would get out of bed or not. Wow.

I told Medina to ring the hospital and check with them what to do. She rang me back in a couple of minutes to say that she couldn't get onto them so she rang ahead for an ambulance.

In the meantime I headed around to her house. When I got there the ambulance was there already and Medina was getting in. I stayed with Stephen until Sean could get there to look after him and then I took off. I was speeding a little bit too - but I kept saying "if I have to get a speeding ticked - so be it, I'm not missing the birth"

So I arrived at 2.20am and things were all happening. Medina has such a huge pain threshold.....she did a marvellous job. OH and I got to cut the cord again - how spesh!!!!!

She had a little boy at 4.22am - yep contractions started at about 1 in the morning and she had him at 4.22 - unbelievable. He is absolutely gorgeous and very like his big brother Stephen.

Medina needed to speak to her mum back in Sudan. It is tradition to speak to the mother and she will let you know the chosen name for the baby.

So he is named after Medina's great, great grandfather


The meaning of Okene is "away from family" or something along those lines.

I will upload some photos over the weekend.


Tara said...

Oh how precious sandie... having had three c-sections myself, I really hope I get to witness a natural birth one day.

CreativeMe68 said...

OMG I have tears in my eyes...How lucky are you to have witnessed a birth not just one but 2 births!!!
Congrats to you friend! He is a very cute lil man! Luv Shaz xoxo