Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Ready, Set Go!!!! Journal Swap Challenge Part 2

Ok we are all ready for the next stage of the Journal Swap Challenge.

Everyone has received their goodies in the mail so now we can get to and do the next bit.

You all should have your little beige envelopes and 1 yellow envelope and of course the journal stamps as well as some little bits and pieces.


I have included a photo of the extra bits and pieces you will need.

Old cardboard box - corrugated cardboard

2 Rings - size is up to you

System Cards - optional

Luggage tags (make your own or buy from newsagents)

6 photos of "the things you see" - rainbows, plants, birds etc

You will also need tools etc.

Now the idea is to take note of the "things" around you that make you happy.

I know for me I love rainbows - I took a photo of one this morning so I will be using that.

I also love nature - trees, birds etc.

Step 1 - create a front and back cover using the corrugated cardboard make sure to punch holes for the rings. You will need to measure it to be slightly bigger than the little envelopes

Decorate it as you wish and don't forget to add the title "THE THINGS I SEE"

Step 2 - Use your luggage tags or system cards to attach your photo - make sure you measure the card/tag to fit inside the envelopes - you can add journalling using the many journal stamp cutouts you now have, embellishments - the ideas are endless.

Step 3 - you can also decorate the actual envelopes themselves - you will also need to punch holes in each envelope to pop the rings through. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE OPENING OF THE ENVELOPES FACING OUT - DO NOT PUNCH THE FLAP OF THE ENVELOPE

If you would like to create a little clasp or tie down for each envelope you could do that too (I am going to use self adhesive velcro squares as seen in one of the photos).

Step 4 - once you have completed each tag/card pop them inside the decorated envelope and put the front and back cover on and pop the rings through. You can add ribbon etc to the rings or just leave plain.

Now I have had some projects on the go and haven't started my litte album yet - however as soon as I have some shots I will share with you.

The idea of the album is to have the photos in the little envelopes and to pull them out

If you have any questions - just fire away.

Have fun and don't forget show and tell.

Luv Sandie

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