Thursday, 26 March 2009

Ok - We're on - its Part 2 of the Journal Stamp Swap Challenge

(photo of what you should have already)

(You will need to grab an old cardboard box/corrugated cardboard
some luggage tags/system cards, some velcro and some rings)

(I will be using some self adhesive velcro squares to fasten with)

Are you ready for the next part of the Journal Stamp Swap Challenge? Gosh that's a mouthfull isn't it? LOL.

We are going to create a little altered album and the title is going to be "The Things I see!!!!"

You will need to take 6 photos of "things" that you see in a normal week.

For me I love to see rainbows, trees, birds, windmills - that sort of thing. So take note of the things around you that you love. We are talking "things" don't forget - not people.

Ok the next part requires a few bits and pieces (as well as general scrapbooking supplies)

1. An old cardboard box - or corrugated cardboard
2. 2 rings
3. Velcro or other means of fastening
4. Luggage tags/system cards(optional)
5. 6 pocket size photos ( you may like to print a collage type photos - I know when I use the photo machines at my chemist I can combine some photos onto one sheet - collage style - the photos will be smaller which will be suitable size)

Ok you will need to grab the little manila envelopes (6) and your little extra yellow envelope.

Step 1. You are going to be making a cover for the front and the back of your album using the corrugated cardboard - I just ripped an old box up and used it.
Make sure you make it slightly bigger than the envelopes.
Next punch 2 holes in the covers so that the rings can go through - you may like to re-inforce the holes with something at this stage also. Make sure you hold one of the manila envelopes against the cover so that the holes aren't too far apart.

(you will have to excuse the side on shot in this photo - I tried to alter it. You need to place the envelope onto the cardboard and mark the front and back cover slightly bigger than the envelope. Cut it out and distress if you wish)

Step 2. The idea of the little envelopes is to act like a pouch - we are going to be putting things inside the envelopes so make sure you punch 2 holes on the opposite side to the flap

(You can see in this shot that I have punched 2 holes in the envelope opposite side of the flap of the envelope)

(This shot shows the holes punched in the front and back cover - make sure these holes line up)

Step 3. The luggage tags are going to be used to place our journal stamp images onto - you will also be attaching a photo to each tag and any embellishments you wish. The ideas are up to you.
Once these luggage tags are finished you can pop them into the manila envelopes.
(You may also like to use something like System cards - the lined ones, as a way or journalling/recording - its up to you)

(I have used a luggage tag here - but you might like to use the System Cards instead or anything that fits into the envelope - this is where you will be adding the journalling stamps, photos and embellishments.)
(I placed the luggage tag inside the envelope and the tag was too long -so I ripped the end off - that way it wont be in the way of the punched holes.)

Step 4. If you wish you can add a fastener to each little envelope - I am going to use some velcro and I thought I might sew on some buttons and some string to wind around - its up to you!!!!!

Step 5. You may also like to decorate the outside of each envelope to give it the finished look.
You could add some of the journalling stamps or any embellishments or stamps.

Step 6. The little yellow envelope is up to you - you may like to add a little keepsake in there or some extra journalling.

Step 7. Now is the time to assemble the little album - gather up your completed envelopes, add the front and back covers and place the rings through the covers and envelopes.

(Don't forge to place the envelopes with the seam facing down - you can decorate the front and back of each envelope as well. Maybe you could add extra journal stamps to the outside as well)

You can finish the album with some string or ribbon through the rings.

I hope you enjoy creating this little album. I will be adding some photos of mine as I complete it over the next couple of days. My computer has been out of action up til tonight so I can get cracking with some photos tomorrow.

Any questions - just fire away.

Don't forget to share some progress shots - I would love to see what you come up with.

Luv Sandie

(GOSH - there is a lot to take in isn't there? It may be a good idea to wait til tomorrow - I will include some photos which will make it a lot clearer - hopefully!!!!! LOL)


Vicky said...

Yep! I`ll come back tomorrow!!! It does sound fun though :)

Aga said...

Wow there sure is a lot to take in.... I think I need pictures, so i'll be back tomorrow too ;)
Aga xx

Rachel said...

This looks fantastic Sandie - will have to take some suitable photos, but I might start work on this at my crop-day tomorrow! Think I might print the instructions so I know what I'm doing!


Sandie said...

Thanks Pepper - can't wait to see what you come up with.

Happy creating at your crop.

Luv Sandie

Vicky said...

Ahaaa! That`s better LOL, I think they`ll look great when they are all finished :)

Lyn S said...

Might take me a while to get this one done Sandie!

I'd love to see your finished project!

Rachel said...

Hi Sandie, just letting you know that I've finally put photos of my mini album up on my blog - still need to go & take some photos to put in it though - hopefully will get a chance during the school holidays next week!

Thanks for a fun challenge!


Sandie said...

Excellent job Pepper it looks fantastic.

Thanks for sharing

Luv Sandie