Sunday, 8 March 2009

A new day

I woke up this morning after such a huge day with a feeling of being very content. Great feeling to have.

The kids all came and jumped on our bed and we sat and talked and laughed about the great day that not only I had but our family as well.

I'm not one for big parties and was so pleased how the whole day turned out.

Today I am washing, washing and more washing. I didn't tell you that we have had HUGE troubles with mice. On Friday I discovered that they had been all through my sewing/fabric. I had to even throw some things out - disgusting creatures!!!! The smell was atrocious!!!!!!!
I was planning on getting up this morning to clean out our blanket box - which is actually a wicker chest type thingy - we could smell it yesterday but I wasn't going to drop everything on my birthday. But it got the better of my late last night and I started to clean it out - rubber gloves on and carefully lifting the blankets out - then there he was or maybe a she by the amount of little bits of paper - nesting I'm guessing - looking at me. The kids were fascinated and started to help. In the end we all had something in hand ready to catch it. Unfortunately the little devil just jumped out of the chest - gosh they can jump. So we set traps and just before we went to bed Sean caught one. We are hoping that this is the end of a long week of cleaning up.
There was a common denominator in all of this - they were into our wheat bags - you know the ones you heat in the microwave when you have aches and pains. So we have thrown them all out and I am never getting them again - I can't believe the amount of cr#p I had to clean up!!!! EWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!

Nuff said I reckon.

Better things to do. Might do some creating this afternoon.

Luv Sandie

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