Wednesday, 9 July 2008

We're back...............

Gotcha............see you didn't even know we were gone................LOL.

After Sean's family left on Monday the kids and I took off to my mum and dad's for 2 nights. Sean had to work unfortunatley but he understands us wanting to get our fix of "my" family.............LOL.
It was a short but sweet visit. The kids love it as they can just plonk around and do what they want. My sister has a WII toy so they luv to use that.
I had a shopping day to myself yesterday which was nice. Managed to buy 2 new tops - a red and a green one - my fave colours and a few other bits and pieces.

Home this afternoon to take Josh to footy training which was good but mighty cold.

Looking forward to spending a few quiet days with the kids on their last few days of the school holidays. Hope to managed to get a couple of sleep-ins at least.

Need to clear my desk tomorrow as a bomb has hit it. Really looking forward to creating again.

Hope you are all well.

Take care.

Luv Sandie


Renee said...

Sounds like a lovely time! i always love having "my" family too...I love DH's family just as much but it's different. - so anyhoo - it's so weird for me to think y'all being in winter right now when I am sweating my rear end off - literally. ick.

Sandie said...

Too funny about the difference in weather Renee.......thanks for dropping in.

Luv Sandie