Tuesday, 1 July 2008

"Girls Day Out"

Well I have just come back from a girls day out with my girlies. We took off on the 8.10 train this morning into the city. Arrived just after 9 and our first stop was at one of those whacky photo booths. So we got some silly shots. The funniest ones are the ones where we weren't ready ....................LOL. I shall pop them up on my blog later.
Then we headed to the market for a quick look around there - mainly the little shops of the outskirst of the market. Jumped on a tram and then headed into the city. We had McDonald's for lunch. Boy it was nice. We haven't done this before - just us girlies anyway. The girls mentioned a couple of times that they were really enjoying themselves and thanked me for taking them. Lots of happy/silly memories.

Luv Sandie


Wirginia said...

Hi Sandie,

I had a lovely day out today too. It's so such a girl thing isn't it! Lucky you to have your girls at the age that they are appreciating it. Looking forward to seeing the photos.

Renee Lamb said...

what a wonderful time it sounds like you had by all!

Lyn S said...

Hi Sandie, sounds like you and your girls had a fun day out.

I've finally done my tag questions if you want to pop over to my blog.