Thursday, 24 July 2008

Today's events

Boy I am exhausted - I spent the morning at the Fiskars Warehouse sale in Port Melbourne.
Man was that an eye opener. I was blown away by the amount of stuff that people were buying.
It reminded me of those shopping sprees - you know the ones where you only have say 1 minute to put whatever you can into your trolley. Some people were coming out with bucket loads of stuff. One lady apparently had 8 bags of stuff. Here I was with one green bag (the grocery ones) full of little bits and pieces - most of the items were an average of 5ocents up to about $10.00 I suppose. I spent $20.00 and was pumped. Can safely say I wouldn't go again as it was bumper to bumper in the warehouse. When I first set foot in there I was wedged between people in the same position for at least 20 mins before I could move. So the only option was to stand where you were, look at whatever was in front of you, even if you didn't want it............LOL, and wait until somebody moved. Not exactly my idea of a good time - but hey - there were some serious bargains to be had!!!!!!!
Took the train in with Sean's mum got picked up at the warehouse when I was done by Sean's aunt and then back to her home in Port Melbourne for lunch. Now that was great - she has an old home and I just loved checking everything out. She made yummy Pea & Ham soup, salad followed by gorgeous Apple Tea Cake.
We then caught the train home again so I could pick up the kidlets from school.
We went to visit our Sudanese friends Geroge & Medina and gorgeous little man Stephen.
Boy is he one little spunk. He has changed so much. George and Medina cut his hair - it was heading for an afro but they cut it so its nice and short - he looks like a real little spunk. I must get an updated photo to share with you all. I could just eat him up.
While we were there the bestest thing happened - he took his first step. We were jumping up and down and clapping away - he had a look on his face as if to say - "What's all the fuss about?"
Gorgeous little thing.
Decided not to go to STARS tonight - I deserved a night off I reckon so that is what I did.

Recovery day tomorrw I reckon.

Hope everthing is going ok for you in your part of the world.

Luv Sandie


Deanne Stewart-Mills said...

LOL about the warehouse Sandie. Most of those people probably got home and went "huh, why'd I buy that!!!" hehe.
Good on you for just getting special stuff and not buying out the shop.
The rest of you day sounds lovely too. I love old houses and always dreamt of owning one when I grew up. High ceilings, decorative cornaces, everything. Ah well, a girl can dream.

Sandie said...

Thanks for popping in Deanne.

We have an old house - not as old as some mind you but it has high ceilings, cornaces, fire place and lots of different nooks and crannies.......gotta luv a bit of character dont ya?

Have a great weekend.

Luv Sandie

Cindy said...

I have been to every sale they've had and NEVER seen that many people there (though I've always gone on Saturdays before)! I couldn't believe that one hour after opening on the first day it was like that. I think I might go later in the day in future... LOL

Wirginia said...

Omgoodness about the warehouse Sandie, why can't we have these types of warehouses it go to in Sydney? Maybe that's a good thing? LOL. I've been to the Lindt one, it opens once a year, and it's obscene the amounts some people were buying, but oh so yummy.

Can't wait to see anothe photo of little Stephen, I can just imagine him, soooo cute!
Wirgie x x x