Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Spent the day at Cindy's today

I spent most of the day at Cindy's today. She created the most wonderful thing for me.
I will show you tomorrow - I have to wait a bit longer for it to "do its thing" LOL.
While I was entertaining little Kade - gorgeous kid, Cindy was working magic with a wonderful little kit - which by the way I WANT NOW!!!!!!

Back for more details tomorrow.

Thank you so, so much Cindy. Very generous of you.
Give that little guy a big kiss for me - he's just great!!!!!

Luv Sandie

(Edited to add the photo - Cindy kindly made me my very own stamp for my labels instead of handwriting them like I did the other day - all 50 of them. I have one for the back too with my contact lucky am I? Very lucky I say)

1 comment:

Cindy said...

You're very welcome, and how awesome does that look !?

Always a pleasure to see you and I love that I was able to make something special for you :)