Friday, 22 May 2009

Sad but good at the same time.

I received some sad news yesterday - our little Sudanese family are going to be moving town. I just cried as soon as I heard the news and my heart ached.

It will be a good move for them I think - but we are sure going to miss those adorable little faces. I have grown so close to them - I think it had to do with helping Medina with her first pregnancy and then helping to deliver those precious bubs into the world. We are truly blessed.

I wish them all the very best as they start on their next journey.

Luv you guys.



CreativeMe68 said...

Is this the family you helped with the delivery of one of their lil babies and the baby was so cute???
Good Luck to them for the move but bad luck for you missing your friends. But you can always go visit them if they are only moving a lil way away! You will always be a special part of their lives Sandie and I am sure that they will keep in touch!! Luv Shaz xoxo

Sandie said...

Gidday Shaz, yep this is the same little family.

My two bubbies I helped will be leaving at 9 in the morning. We are all going to wave the truck off tomorrow along with PLENTY of tears no doubt. Yep we will definately be able to visit every now and again.

Thanks for listening my friend.

Luv Sandie

Wirg's Creative World said...

Oh Sandie, that's so sad. Are they going far? My goodness that's a big step for Medina to take. I hope she settles well.
ps I just read about your poor feet my dear friend, take it easy and I hope it's not too long before you have those orthotics.
Wirgie x x

Sandie said...

Well they have left Pakenham. I didn't want to say goodbye - my heart is aching.

Medina had a little cry too - she is a lot better at holding back to tears than I am - but not today. We both had a cry - I gave her a big cuddle and didn't want to let go!!!!!

Praying that everything will go fine for them on their next part of lifes journey.

Luv Sandie