Monday, 29 December 2008

Sorry about that chief

Well - just for something NEW.................NOT!!!!!!! Blogger is still trying to change the layout of my photos - so I loaded them onto PhotoBucket and then uploaded them and they are larger than life. Please put up with the large images until I get a chance to alter them once again through photobucket - this little black duck is a bit tired to try and do it now so I shall endeavour to attempt it tomorrow.

Have a great sleep everyone - I know I will!!!!!!!

Luv Sandie

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Carol Dunstan said...

been having problems with the sizes that my images appear in posts too. I have always uploaded mine through photobucket first and even though I have the medium size clicked in the upload window (when putting them in a post) they always appear full size, so I have been manually adjusting them in the html tab of the post compose screen... however to do this you will need to use something else (a calculator will do, but it's simpler to use an image editing program) to work out what your new numbers need to be. Let me know if you need any more help