Tuesday, 16 December 2008

"It's a Red-Shoe Day!!!!!!" Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good news aplenty today. I managed to get my Credit Card back - thankfully I rang the branch and it had been retrieved by the machine. Phew!!!!!

I said to the kids this morning "it's a red-shoe day kids".............they just laughed at me. I followed on to say "you know what I say about a red-shoe day don't you?" They just smiled at me - and we all said together "a red-shoe day is a good day!!!!!!". Well it turned out to be just that. I drove 25 mins to collect my card, came back home and had a Craft Group Christmas break up which took us through to school pickup. Came home to have a nice coffee with Sean, cooked dinner for him and the kids and then I went off to school for the School Board Christmas break up. Cool as. We had a beautiful dinner which was all prepared by the School Principal and his daughter. Yummothedidilio!!!!!!!

The kids break up for the year on Thursday so I have a couple of days up my sleeve to get myself organized. Must use the time wisely.

Well off to have a cuppa with Sean before retiring.

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Petrina McDonald said...

LOL! my Dad always says whackothedidlio!! I'll have to pass your phrase onto him ;)