Thursday, 4 December 2008

Something a little different

Here is a Christmas Tree I made the other day using my Handmade Daisies. Thought I'd try to join them up and see what happened. I would like to have a star and a base to the tree but that was all too hard so I just left it as is.

Thanks for looking.

Luv Sandie
(Hey don't ya just love the dirty old walls - I took this out the front of the house - looks like I need to do some serious cleaning - well - one of these days!!!! LOL!!!!)


Nina said...

a dirty wall = happy home!! well that's my philosophy!! nice little daisy xmas tree too!!

Wirg's Creative World said...

Sandie this looks gorgeous, you never cease to amaze me with your creations. And what dirty walls, I didn't notice any.

I've tried to get twelve cards done, but so far have only managed 3. There's a few hours left in the evening if I could only find my desk, it's a bomb site right now. LOL.
Wirgie x x

Sandie said...

Dont stress too much Wirg. I have spent all afternoon trying to find the bottom of my desk too.
Hey 3 cards is a good start anyway. Goon on ya!!!!

Hey thanks about not noticing the dirty walls...........LOL.

Luv Sandie