Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Been away

Well you may have noticed I haven't updated over the last few days - well that's because we took off for a few days to Geelong. We had the bestest time and we have now all re-charged the batteries in readiness for the silly season.

We camped at a Caravan Park in our tent which was lots of fun - very, very wet the first day and half but we managed to keep dry in our tent which was a bonus. On Sunday the kids managed to get a swim in which was an amazing turn around with the weather -they even got a touch of the sun. We also went for a great bike ride along the river - it was just beautiful. There is only one thing wrong with this story - I now have major "bike butt"....................LOL.

We were on our way home from our little break away and had to drop in and pick up Sean's car which we had put on gas - should notice the savings now!!!!. I had to pop into the bank and while Sean was waiting for me with the kids in the car - some nice bus driver ran into the back of our trailer. Some damage was done to the trailer, thankfully none to our car and none to Sean and the kids more importantly however its a nuisance this time of year and all. Oh well - some things are sent to try us. I had a bit of drama in the bank while I was there too. I lost our Credit Card which casued all sorts of drama but hopefully I will get a call from the bank today.

Last night was Em and Tam's Grade 6 Grauduation Mass followed by dinner and then disco. The mass was nice - the girls looked great - some girls mind you looked YEARS older than 12 and 13 year olds!!!!!!!
We then left the girls there for their dinner and disco and collected them at 9 o'clock. Let's just say all of us little black ducks were rather tired last night and we all had the bestest sleeps.

Today is a full on day again with many more "full on" days to come as I'm sure it is in your part of the world.

Have a great day everyone.

Talk again soon.

Luv Sandie


Lyn S said...

Hi Sandie, I was wondering where you'd got too! Glad you enjoyed your break....it musn't have rained as much there as it did in Melbourne, or you would've got washed away!

Sandie said...

Gidday Lyn, it sure did rain I have never seen so much rain in such a little time.
We bought an extra tarp from Bunnings to secure over the top of the tent - without it we would have been swimming I reckon.
Just lucky.
Didn't put us off though - we all really needed the break and we all enjoyed it so much.

Luv Sandie