Thursday, 12 June 2008

Weigh In This Week

Weighed in at STARS this week and i lost 300grams - hey not as much as I would like but I'll take it!!!! At least I'm headed in the right direction!!!.
As I am the President of our little slimming group I always try to come up with inspirational things - which at time can be hard when I'm struggling myself, however, I had a "Eureka" moment at about 6 oclock tonight. Just a little idea but everyone loved it.
I gave all the girlies 2 pieces of paper. On one they had to right their favourite "health conscious"snack and on the other "problem areas". So everyone wrote down their fave snack on one piece and the other they had to right a meal that they struggle with or perhaps a paticular food that we have problems with.
I collected all the pieces of paper and seperated them into 2 separate boxes. For the "problem" box I pulled each one out and read it out and we all brainstormed ideas relating to each one - it really got us all thinking and we came up with some fab ideas for each of us to try.
At the end of the meeting we ended on a positive and the other box was handed around - we had to draw one piece of paper out and read what the favourite snack was and take it with us and try it for the next week - so everyone has a new snack idea to try.
I am really pleased everyone loved the idea - like I said it gets a little hard to keep things positive sometimes.
So my snack to try this week is - yoghurt - yummo!!!!! Luv the stuff!!!!!! Wish me luck.

Do you have any problem areas? Do you need some help? Why not share it with me.

Hope everything is ok in your part of the world.

Luv Sandie


Renee Lamb said...

yay Sandie! you are such an inspiration! Really! and fab idea on the problem box. Although, I was thinking it was leading another direction. I was thinking they would write their fave food down and the prob areas of the body and then they would have to think of that food straight to those areas - you know -reality check of what they want more....more love handles or better health...bwahahaha...I'm a nerd. I have so many problem areas - I just can't stop eating. Period. I try...I do Weight Watchers (well sorta) and I know it works but you got to do the plan. I just am really struggling this time round. Head isn't in it right now. ah well, I'll get there slowly and eventually - but CONGRATS on your loss - and hey - it's a LOSS. big hugs to you!!

Sandie said...

Thanks Renee. It is all in the mind I reckon. If I'm feeling down well I head straight for food - usually chocolate.
I have lost 25 kilos a couple of times now - once in 2000 and once in 2003 I think so I know I can do it, its just a matter of where you are in your life and if you can focus, withought focusing too much, on positive things. If you're mind and heart isn't in it, well then its just not the right time I reckon.
We shall just have to hang in there wont we?
Take care my friend and thanks heaps for popping in.

Luv Sandie

Wirginia said...

Hi Sandie my friend,
I always love it when I come visiting that you have something inspirational to share. That was brilliant what you did at STARS. You've also got loads of yummy new creations since I last popped in, putting me to shame, I've not created much at all lately. Still, I have been away haven't I LOL. Hope your weekend away is tons of fun,
love and huggles,
Wirgie x x