Monday, 16 June 2008

We had a lovely weekend.........

We headed up to Donald to Sean's sisters on the weekend for Sean's nephew's First Eucharist.
It was a nice family time altogether. We stayed in their caravan park in their yard which was fun too.
We travelled up on Saturday and came home around tea time last night - very tired but it was nice to all catch up.

Today Sean and I had a day together in the city. We went to this Design Build Expo which was interesting. It showcased all the new inventitions in building and design. We scored some freebies here and there. Afterwards we headed into Melbourne and had a little shop around - didnt buy anything just had a good look. We just appreciated the time spent together.
Sean's mum sent a text and offered to cook dinner - wahooo!!!! and she also picked up the kids from school for us so we could take our time. So all in all............a great few days.

Not much planned for the rest of the week - might try and lay low for a few days. Hopefully!!!!!

Oh .........and I won an RAK over at Renee's Blog which was a nice suprise.

Nighty night everyone.

Chat tomorrow.

Luv Sandie


Renee Lamb said...

Man, that SOUNDS like a great weekend! I so want to see Australia. Sounds like beautiful country :D - maybe one day.
Love ya!

Sandie said...

Ooooh wouldn't that be great Renee.......the fun we could have.
It is a great country.

Luv Sandie