Sunday, 1 June 2008

Just saying g'day

Just popping in to say g'day. I have had such a busy, busy week. Running around after kids and helping out at school.
We headed to my mum and dad's yesterday for the day. Came home and I cooked dinner for Sean's mum's birthday and had a cake that the kids decorated which was nice.
Went to mass this morning, then on to the market and then home for lunch at back to a friends place for a StampinUp party - only there for about an hour and had to leave to run a Baptism meeting at the Parish. So all in all a busy week followed by an extra busy weekend.

Missing creating terribly. Hoping to get some done tonight.

Hope all is well in your part of the world.

Luv Sandie


fleurie said...

wow sounds like avery busy week. So good to see you at the workshop on SUnday.

catch you again for lunch on thu

reneelamb said...

busy gal you are! wowee...sure have missed ya but glad you are doing alright! so did ya get anything new at the Stampin' Up party?