Friday, 12 September 2008

Little bid sad - little bit good!!!!!

Well today Sean's mum and dad moved into their brand new home. They have been staying beside us in their motor home since Christmas while their house has been built. We are all going to miss them dearly. Who am I going to ask for a cup of sugar now? I am blessed to have great in-laws and am going to miss the company. It will be back to just little old me.
We are all really pleased for them - its been a long wait but its great.
Sean's brother and the gang and sister and her gang are all arriving tonight to help with the moving tomorrow and then we have Josh's First Communion tomorrow night. Boy are we going to be busy tomorrow. We will have 22 for dinner................arghhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! So for me tomorrow is baking and cooking. Cant think of what to do just yet but I'm sure after a good nights sleep things will be clearer. I have had one HUGE week and its only going to get more hectic. It's Tammy's birthday on Tuesday too.
Best get some sleep me thinks!!!!!!!!!!!!

Luv Sandie

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Deanne Stewart-Mills said...

that is lovely news for your inlaws. It is great that you get along so well. Enjoy your day tomorrow.