Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Just have a little lookie at this.........

Who's a lucky girl? Moi!!!!!!!!!!

Just take a look at this

I am now the proud owner of a Fiskars Stamp Press and I'm just a little bit excited. How cool is it going to be. Lucky me and a huge thanks to Cindy because I popped into her blog one day, noticed the link to the comp and bingo bango - its all mine!!!!! (I just have to say that Cindy is one lucky lady when it comes to wining things so I'm thinkin some of her luck rubbed off onto me....yay)
Thanks to Tamara too for supplying such a yummy giveaway.

Luv Sandie

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Vicky said...

Well done on your win...I know you`ll get lot`s of "wear" out of it LOL. Cheers