Friday, 28 March 2008

One Happy Little Vegemite!!!!!!!!

Well I'm definately one happy little vegemite tonight. I had the "bestest" day at Paperific.

Firstly, dropped the car off to be converted to gas - that was at 8.20 this morning, then Sean's mum - Marita dropped me off at the station to catch the 8.40 train - just made it. Phew!!!!!

Got into Caulfield Station about 9.25 something like that - five minute walk to the Caulfield Racecourse and in I walked.

First stand was one of my absolute faves - ArtStamps, of course did some damage there didn't I............but not as bad as the lady in front of me $303.30 later - no flinching, just handed over the credit card, signed her life away and walked off happy. Wowza!!!!!! That was only her first stand............gee bet she had a great day!!!!! LOL. Good old credit cards.........

There were 27 stalls in all which is somewhat down on the first Melbourne Paperific I ever went to having 45 stalls. But you know the stalls represted there were fab.
An amazing lot of work goes into setting up these stalls. There were some stunning works of art displayed today.
I checked out my work that I prepared for the stalls and was proud to see them displayed there.

Stopped to have lunch with Lyn which was nice. We had "show and tell" and sat and chatted about lots of things and then we got stuck back into it again. I said to Lyn that we should complete a "make & take" at one of the stalls. So we rocked up to Karen's Scrappin Kupboard and completed a key chain thingy. We got to chose a piece of chipboard, we then applied on the new TimHoltz crackle mediums - very thicky, goopy stuff and in such a little bottle at $7.50 - dont know whether I'd bother - I just love my good old fashioned clear crackle medium that you can add to anything and everything. Just feel that you would probably only cover a couple of items with this particular sized bottle and you would be having to buy more.......just my opinion anyway. (I shall take a photo of my tag in better light tomorrow).
We then went to HandPrint Stamps and did another make and take - I was all over the place at this "make & take" they have their own brand of what I know as "opals". So we got to with a piece of jigsaw chipboard shape and covered it with versmark, dipped it in the opal stuff and then put the heat gun to it..............I didn't have an even coverage and had to keep adding another layer..........anyway, let's just say that Lyn's worked out a treat, and mine - well I wont be taking a photo of it that's for sure...........but I did learn something............"what NOT to do"..................LOL. Had fun anyway.

Back around for a final lap of the stalls and then thought it was time to go home.

Managed to buy some nice new goodies to play with - mostly stamps. If I'm game enough I may just share a photo of my stash - I shall take a photo tomorrow.

Hope you have all had great days.

Talk soon.

Luv Sandie

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