Saturday, 15 March 2008

Fun at the fair today

Recently a new shopping centre opened in our area. Today they are holding a mini fair to celebrate Easter and to raise some money for a new school that has opened in one of the new housing estates. It was a great morning. They had free fairy floss, which the kids were quite pumped about. Free ceramic painting with easter themes, jumping castles, a young animal zoo - possums, wombat, snakes, baby crocodile, wallaby and some birds, and face painting. Tam and Josh wanted there face painted - Em opted out of that one. Managed to grab myself a very nice skinny latte and the newly opened cafe - very nice indeed. I can see a few visits happening there!!!!!!

Here are some shots of the kids faces.

Hope everyone is having a beaut weekend - not as hot here today - hot but can cope better today.

Luv Sandie

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Cindy said...

They did a great job on the face painting , the kids look great !