Friday, 7 March 2008

New school

Cant remember if I posted this info in my blog or not..........but here goes.

Last year we made the decision to hold Emily back and repeat Grade 6 as she just wasn't ready to make the big step to secondary college. We had her enrolled with St Fracis Xavier College in Berwick.
So we deferred her and she is repeating Grade 6, what a relief that is as she is still struggling a little, however, she has come a long way at the same time.

Anyway, Sean and I went for an interview at another school on Thursday. This one is a public school. We were amazed at how much is on offer at this school. It has a nice country feel to it and Em is going to be so happy there. Tammy of course will be going at the same time as she is also in grade 6 this year. And of course that will mean that Josh will attend this school too in a couple of years.

The only downfall will be that I will have to drive the kids to school as were are out of the zoned area for the bus but this is a small price to pay for the peace of mind that this school has.

When we told the girls they were a little stunned and upset, however, after talking to them after the interview they are very excited. I am going to arrange a little visit to the school - possibly next week.

So onwards and upwards I say - all the worrying and stewing last year has lifted a little after making the decision of sending our kids to this school.

Just had to share as this has been a lot of my worries over the last year.

Luv Sandie

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Renee said...

Glad you found a good school! had to pop in and say hey ~ and glad to see you had a good b-day