Saturday, 1 March 2008

How gorgeous...........

I dropped Em off at her friends place for the day this morning and then drove into town to do some shopping.
Tam and Josh wanted to go into the Chocolate Shop to buy something for Pop - his birthday is this Thursday. They are wondering around the shop and taking ever so long - and they were getting a little anxious. I asked Tammy what was the matter and she explained that they were trying to buy me a little surprise too - its my Birthday on Friday. So I just said that I would wait at the front of the shop while they went ahead having a little lookie and buying the goodies.
The lady in the shop was so nice to them. She asked them would they like them in a little bag and wrapped. Josh was funny - he went on to tell the lady that as it was Lent he had given up lollies and chocolates and that he wasn't finding it too hard surrounded by all of the wonderful things.........she was impressed with them.

So off we walked out of the shop - they were looking very chuffed.

Gotta luv em!!!!!!!!!

Luv Sandie

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Cindy said... sweet (sorry, no pun intended LOL). Happy birthday for Friday !