Saturday, 26 December 2009

Well - happy Boxing Day to you!!!!!

How are we all feeling today? Any hangovers????? None here thank goodness - didn't even touch a drop of alcohol - not that I do much these days anyway............LOL!!!!!

We had one of the most peaceful Christmas Day's yesterday - just our little family and Sean's mum and dad. We would normally celebrate Christmas day with at least 20 other people so it was nice for a change.

The highlight of my day would have to have been when our Emily presented us all with a handmade card that she created - she loves to work on the computer and had been doing some cutting and pasting with a photo of each of us. The day started off with a good old giggle.

The kids have woken up and are checking out their goodies again. I tell ya what - I love chocolate but the amount that is sitting around in our house is ridiculous. The kids managed to score chocolate from everyone. I explained to them that they were only to have 2 items a day. Of course they can throw some their mother's way if they like.........LOL!!!!

Not much else planned for today. We are just going to have a quiet one again.

Take care on the roads everyone - stay safe!!!!!!

Luv Sandie


Wirg's Creative World said...

LOL Sandie about the amount of chocolate. I only this morning made a comment that this is probably the first year for a long time that I didn't have any chocolate of any kind given to me. LOL, safer not to have it my house me thinks. Love the sound of your family bike ride. At the moment Herb is taking great exception to me telling him if he puts 2 packs of soup mix in the chicken supreme, it'll be too salty. OMgoodness, you should see him. agghhhh, no wonder my kitchen becomes a pigstye at times.

Sandie said...

Yeah I know what you mean about it being better with less chocolate around.

Silly Herb - at least he helps in the kitchen Wirg. Go Herbie!!!!!


Luv Sandie

Petrina McDonald said...

glad to hear you had such a lovely day Sandie :) Can you believe I actually threw out some of the chocolate here today!!??

Sandie said...

Hi Petrina, great move about throwing out the chocolate. Our Josh in paticular goes nuts if he has too much.

They still have some to go but I am just letting them have it in small doses.

Luv Sandie