Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Christmas Cards All Year Round - December

These are the cards that I created for 'Christmas Cards All Year Round' - somehow I don't think my email reached Deanne on time so I thought I'd share them with you anyway.

The Challenge was to use 3 layers of patterned paper
2 embellishments and
1 sentiment
These cards will double as my "12 Weeks Of Christmas Challenge".
Thanks for looking.
Luv Sandie


Tash Allen said...

you've really inspired me this year sandie with your chrissy cards and I'm going to join you in the 'all year round' thing rather than just cramming for 2 weeks in dec!! LOVE these ones - gorgeous colours. PS so glad your goodies arrived safely and that you liked them - they sure did have your name written all over them didn't they! make sure you share what you do with that fabric! xx

Sandie said...

Great to hear that I inspired you Tash. You're right - its best to start in the new year and just chip away at making them rather than cramming.

I will defintely be sure to share the goodies that I create with my spesh things - they were defintely SO, SO me!! Thank you.

Luv Sandie