Monday, 2 November 2009

Off to the cinema - "It's a Date"

Sean and I headed off on our date to the cinema with the tickets that I won.
We saw a great film "The Boys Are Back" starring Clive Owen - gorgeous by the way!!!!!
It was a really touching film. If you get a chance to see it - I would. I wouldn't say it was necessarily cinema material - you could easily watch it at home on dvd.
Sean thought it was a bit predictable in places - although I am a born romantic and usually just sit and get absorbed in a film rather than trying to nut it out.
The movie had 2 kids in it and the acting was unreal.
It has some beautiful Australian scenery. It was funny. On our drive home Sean asked "where do you think it was filmed?" His thought was NSW my guess was South Australia - guess who was right? ME!!!!!!!!!!! Yay.
So there you go.
Luv Sandie

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