Wednesday, 29 July 2009

What a day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our day started with a phone call at 6.20am. It was my sister somewhat upset.
Sean answered the phone thinking it was one of my friends. I talked to her - she was upset and saying that mum had gone in to hospital. I repeated what she said to me "your mum has gone in to hospital?"...........then the voice on the other end said "no Sand, it is mum"

My heart dropped - such a terrible shock.

She had just been taken to hospital in the ambulance. My dad and sister were to follow in the car. Poor old Dad and Maryanne were really shocked, stunned and upset. Not a nice thing to go through.

She had some sort of turn which the doctors think is a TIA - mini stroke. She had numerous tests but all came back clear. She has shocking high blood pressure and diabetes on insulin - the medicos seem to think it was the TIA though.

We brough her home at lunchtime. All she kept saying in hospital was "I need to go home".......she's a stubborn thing. It was great to see her improve though.

The trip there for me seemed to be such a long journey. I just wanted to get there to see her.

Sean's mum and our friend helped out with getting the kids to and from school so that Sean and I could just take off. It was great to just drop everything and go.

We are all exhausted now and in much need of sleep.

Luv Sandie


CreativeMe68 said...

OMG Is your Mum ok??? Hope they have worked out what happened??? Hope she will be ok Sandie...It is so hard when you live away from your parents!!! I have at least a 7 hr drive!!! Hope you didn't have to drive that far? Thinking of you Luv Shaz xoxo

Sandie said...

Thanks Shaz, it certainly was a shock to all involved.
Fortunately I only had to travel about an hour but I have to say that hour seemed like several.
So scary not knowing what I was going to find when I arrived at the hopsital.

Thankfully - I was so pleased to hear mum's voice this morning when I rang to check on her.
She sounded great - relieved more like it i think that she lived to tell the tale.

I appreciate your love and support.

Luv Sandie

Vicky said...

I`m glad it all turned out OK. & I can understand her wanting to get back home (I hate hospitals LOL) Hugs to you both :)

jo said...

Wishing her a speedy recovery, something like that can shake their confidence. Take care of yourself too, Jo

Sandie said...

Spoke to my mum today. She sounds good - just tired.

She went to her GP on Friday - Dad went with her which is the first time she would let him come along too. Afterall she can't recall much about what went on with her episode.

She needs to go for further tests - one of which is this coming Tuesday and then another test later on in the month.
They are trying to rule out different things. So that is good that they are following up. We need some answers.

Thanks for everyone's concern.

Luv Sandie