Saturday, 4 July 2009

Red Hat Society

Has anyone heard of the "Red Hat Society" need to google it and have a read. They wear red hats and they like to dress in lavender/purple. The aim of the group is simply to have fun and socialize.

Well I was approached by one of the Pakenham members a couple of months ago to see if I would be interested in teaching card classes to the girlies. I was quite chuffed with this idea. They requested the 4th July. So today I taught 7 fantastic ladies how to make 3 cards.
I stuck with their colour theme of red/lavender and I threw in some white/silver. At first this was a challenge for me as I hadn't used this combo before - but it grew on me and I must say it was quite classy.

We had the best afternoon. They all told me they had a great day and they are keen to have another day making cards.

I will pop back later with a photo of the girlies and the cards they created. (I used similar ideas to some other cards I have created before)

Luv Sandie


jo said...

I have heard of the red hat brigade, didn't realise it was local to you. Glad you got to have some fun with them, I think they really know how to parteee!

Wirg's Creative World said...

Most definately have heard of the red hat society Sandie. Did they all wear purple too? Purple clothes with red hats LOL. I love the idea, but am not ready to 'go there' right now. I still don't think of myself as 50, let alone about to turn 51, heaven forbid.
Wirgie x x x